The one thing that has kept radio alive has been the local factor.  Radio covers what’s happening right in your city.  Online radio choices are quickly lining up and once they determine the importance of programming directly to local IP addresses, that version of radio may be as powerful as Google adwords. The difference?  Choosing a radio stream is a very personal decision and to date there have been so many players the power of mounting the masses has not proven possible.  The requirements of passing FCC or CRTC criteria to have the privilege of broadcasting to the public is not relevant.  So anyone from little Johnny sitting in his basement to large media giants can hang out their shingle and pronounce themselves online radio stations.  Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and now iTunes Radio are all ready to do battle.  Who will win?  Whoever  puts live bodies into the local trenches.  Just like the radio of old, a personality in your face, at the super market opening, the local movie premiere, the ribbon cutting of the new highway or at the local rec centre will win over glitzy, anonymous digital signals that are only as good as the blend of hits that resonates with the listener who is as fickle as they come.  But a digital station that actually sends a personality out into the community  to humanize the medium?  Old school is not so old after all.

Reference article from Ad Age