My passion for radio started long before I’d ever heard of Stan Freberg or the term “boss jock”. Both play an important role in the history that is radio. As did Jack Benny, Mel Blanc, Bob Hope, and more recently Jerry Stiller and Dick and Bert. Dick is still alive producing radio out of California.

I started RadioRadio while I was still doing on air work at Q107, and Y95 in Hamilton. It was fun then. It’s still fun today. When production creative house RadioRadio started in 1990 it was more or less the pre-internet era. Yes, Al Gore supposedly invented the internet light years ago. But in 1990 we were still sending reel to reel tapes and cassettes around by Purolator and bike courier.
We were doing in person casting sessions where people would actually come to your studio and “drop off a tape”. Or do live auditions. Sure it still happens today, but long after the digital download demo has been pre-screened. A few months ago I did a completely live, digital Skype session with me in Toronto and the talent in Montreal. That concept has been around for a while, but not without the use of Zephyr boxes and a lot of extraneous gear. in 1996

RadioRadio was an early adopter of the web. We had our first website in 1996 with large, cumber sum audio files. You would click download and come back after lunch to listen. Thanks to the Wayback Machine web archive we can see snapshots of those early websites and wonder how we ever got away with that.

Although the tools are much better today, the process stays the same. A great idea, a bit of timing, the perfect words and sound effects and poof …the magic happens.