Digital is not analog.  We’ve heard that time and again.  I see 20 somethings lining up on Queen street in Toronto on a Saturday to buy a turntable.   Then they run up the street to a record shop, yes a record shop, to buy vinyl and play it on their brand new turn table.  I remember in my disc jockey days saying a huge thank you to the skies when I was finally able to retire vinyl and slide in that shiny disc or music cartridge and not worry about dropping the album on the ground and backing my chair over it.  Of course  I still managed to do that on a CD disc once.  Funny how those things stick in your mind thirty years later. But why the love of analog by gen X and beyond?  Because they hear the difference.  The warmth of analog.  The music is recorded and engineered closer to the performance, not digitized into ones and zeros.  An audiophile will tell you, just put on the headphones, close your eyes and listen to the difference.

Here’s an article from the Toronto Star that further hammers home the case for analog.