I’m a little late to the podcast party. According to Global Podcasting Statistics, there are now over 1 million podcasts and over 29 million episodes.  No pressure there.  But better late than never.

Who the #@$! is Tim McLarty?  No one special, in the grand scheme of things.  Look at that, I broke the golden rule of branding right out of the gate.  I under-sold the product.

I’ve always believed in ethical branding; you know, undersell and over deliver.  So that’s how this podcast is rolling out of the garage.

Unlike Seinfeld, But That’s Not All is a show (podcast) about something.  In the first few episodes topics will range from a comparison of the 2 pandemics in the last 100 years, to internet trolls, to network imaging voices.  This is a magazine podcast with diverse topics. But the one string that ties it all together is perception.

Being a branding guy, I know everything we see, feel and touch registers some sort of emotional reaction.  And, like a romantic relationship that goes sour, or a television show that “jumps the shark” we know there is usually a journey from first contact to most recent.  But like a love that’s lost its’ lift, restoring the brand to its shiniest state in your mind is a herculean task.

However, it’s always more satisfying to punch above  one’s weight class.  We’ll look at a variety of subjects, and follow those emotional journeys around and through the maze of life.  But because the journeys for everything are ongoing, we’ll only get to experience a small sampling along the way.   Thus the recipe of life.

Who is Tim McLarty?  Just some guy. A guy who gravitated towards radio because he enjoyed writing and performing.  The performing was so much fun he assembled a group of uber talented people like Chris Seguin, Kat Mullaly, Tony Daniels and Phil Williams and created a radio comedy troupe, performing for radio listeners around the globe.  And then he took his show on the road to a classroom at Humber College for 8 years.  Eventually that show found itself inside a media company called Ontrack Communications where he happily faces each days creative challenge like an impetuous jig saw puzzle where there is always an answer if you pull out enough hair.  Please ignore the shiny spot in the centre of my scalp.

Who should listen to this podcast? 

Anyone who has ever googled something and found themselves clicking down the rabbit hole for an hour afterwards because their natural curiosity took them there.   This is not a podcast specifically about branding, but about stories that have brands, feelings, happy endings, no endings and everything in between.  To be honest, this podcast is a thinly veiled excuse for me to get to talk to a lot of obscenely interesting people.

What better year to launch a podcast, than a pandemic one.  Like it or not, there are a lot of stories in the mask wearing, protest sign carrying, politically confused, Facebook frustrated city.  And I sincerely hope you’ll subscribe, enjoy and share your thoughts and ideas.

I’m late to the party, but I’ll definitely do my best to hold up my end so you won’t regret inviting me into your podcast routine.  Undersell, over deliver.   Perhaps even mentioning that has put me in a “show me the goods” position.  It’s now up to you to make that call.  And I sincerely hope you do.